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Charlotte Shanks

England (06/Nov/10 - 06/Dec/10)

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Tegan Burnet

Australia - 6th Dec 08

Take lots of things to do and read, as in the mountains there are less people to talk with, and if there is no school the days can be long. Be prepared to take the initiative and get involved. And be prepared with lots of ideas and resources at all sorts of levels as the children vary from no English to pretty good basics.

Simon Altman

German - Aug - 2009

And so my placement comes to an end… It was a tough experience and to say I enjoyed it wouldn't be the right words. The isolation, freezing cold and very simple way of life definitely takes a big adjustment, and really tests your strength of character. But despite this, it's was an experience I'm glad I had. It taught me some valuable lessons, and made my understanding of the world and myself a little deeper.

Danielle Soya

USA - 27 April 2008

Gatlang is a challenging place for a volunteer. The weather can be extreme, and the lifestyle is worlds away from home, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more welcoming community. I hope the increase in volunteers willing to travel out to Gatlang continues to grow. I know they are eagerly awaiting the next set that comes through.

Shweta Parmekar

USA - July 2009

At our health placements we did 2-3 health camps at each location and included routine physicals, general checkups, and noting each patient's chief complaint. The physician would then provide us with insight to the diagnosis and would then prescribe appropriate medications. The biggest challenge by far was the language barrier. It made it quite difficult to communicate directly with the patients and establish any form of personal touch. Also occasionally the lack of medical equipment made it difficult to perform adequate examinations.

Montserrat de Villasante Fuentes and Ricardo Borges Rutz

Spain / Brazil - July 2009

Children who used to come to the library had many different ages, from 2 years old till 20 years old, so we had to deal with this. Montse used to be with the little one, and Ricardo with the olders. The activities consisted on:
Playing nature memory in english, practicing numbers and names of animals, meals and other stuff…., playing with balloons, making jungle balls with balloons, for the olders the activities were: maths, geography, playing table tennis, and all the time using english language.

Rachel Reeves

USA - Nov 2009

Another thing you should know -- the teachers' lack of motivation/organization will likely frustrate you, but don't let it affect you. You just have to get used to it. Though they don't seem to care about their students, you can care about the students for them.

Tami Nudel

Israel - Sept 2008

The Langtang area is very impressive, and waking up every morning with the view of the massive mountains was wonderful. The local food was very spicy, and I must admit that I will not eat rice for the near future, because eating Dhal Baat for 7 days a week, 3-4 times a day was a real challenge! To sum it up, I had one of my greater experiences in my life, and I will never forget it.

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